Emanuel Tomozei – portfolio

Hamlet's Lunacy

Hamlet’s Lunacy is an immersive theatre production created in collaboration with Belgian company CREW. The production premiered at the KVS Theatre in Brussels.


Immersive Designer, Unity Developer


Virtual Reality, HTC Vive, Projection Screens

How to act honourably in a conflicting world?

In this immersive Virtual Reality performance, the spectator experiences and evaluates the world today through the sensibilities of Hamlet. 

CREW is an experimental collective from Brussels who are pioneers of immersive live-art, giving centre stage to the interaction between the body and technology.

In Hamlet’s time, when the seven heavenly atmospheres and their planets still circle the earth, the murder of the king – God’s Minister – causes nature to revolt. Only a few years later in King Lear, Shakespeare laughs off the influence of stars and planets as “excellent foppery of the world”. In 1641, 35 years later, the king – once God’s representative on earth – is sentenced to the guillotine.